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McAllen, Texas


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During the 1980s, in its heyday, the 17th floor of the Neuhaus Tower in McAllen, Texas was home to the iconic Tower Club.  The 17th floor holds a special place in the memory of many of the city’s residents.  For about 20 years, the top floor of the Chase (formerly Neuhaus) Tower remained unoccupied.  SGA had the special honor of being entrusted to revitalize and renovate this special place in South Texas.  One of SGA’s premier clients, Rhodes Enterprises tapped SGA to design their new corporate headquarters.  The project includes a large public lobby/gathering area that is used as an event space.  Project also includes individual offices, open plan office space, executive offices, board rooms, and a very ample employee break area/kitchen.  This project breathed new life into a relic of the 1980s and delivered one of the most high-end corporate spaces in all of South Texas.

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