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McAllen, Texas

Our Client, the Delgado Collective has a well earned reputation as one of the finest restaurateurs in Texas.  Their latest venture, Salome on Main, converted an old mansion into a vibrant modern restaurant that redefines traditional Mexican cuisine in an elegant and refined manner.  SGA was thrilled when Delgado Collective reached out to us to help reimagine the outdoor dining area at Salome.


As with any restaurant, the name of the game is getting patrons to the table.  The more people that can be seated, the better a restaurant will do.  Salome has a large "front yard" on the east side of the building, but because it was unprotected from the wind and the sun, the section was drastically underutilized.


SGA created a strategy to establish different zones in the front yard, including an elegant covered section that could be rented out for large gatherings of 25-30 people.  SGA's design enhanced the unique style and architecture of the existing building and blended seamlessly with the laid back chic vibe of the restaurant. 

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